Friday, October 10, 2008

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Wow, finally nokia release great phone to compete with iphone, these phone was released in London at thursday (2/10) and in Singapura at friday (3/10) for the Southeast Asia Pacific area. Nokia 5800 was designed to fullfill all music lover, cool and having a sexy body, those blue triangle remind us to a guitar pick, make people want to ply guitar with these phone :)
Here is the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic picture, so cool :)

writer comments:
handphone nokia yang mantap, support 16Gb, HSDPA, GPS and banyak fitur lain membuat Nokia 5800 Xpress music jadi salah satu handphone idaman, masalah harga kayanya masih belum tahu, kira kira berapa ya harga nokia 5800 express music?? i hope it doest make my pocket empty
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

si Keren, Nokia N78

Ini nihh hape keren, New Nokia N78 HSDPA Phone, secara tekhnis tidak jauh beda dengan Mobile Phone HSDPA Nokia, dengan dimensi 113 x 49 x 15.1 mm dan 101.8 g, N78 terasa tidak terlalu berat dan besar. Internal memory 70Mb dan support Micro SD, dan lagi Camera 3.15MP nya udah menggunakan lensa Carl Zeiss, wah sudah pasti hasil bidikan kamera dari handphone ini sangat keren, udah gitu ngga seperti E51 yang juga sudah dilengkapi WiFi untuk sarana mobile internet, N78 turut mensertakan secondary camera yg bisa digunakan untuk video call, lengkap sudah, handphone kompak, mini tetapi maksi, bisa menggusur nokia 6120 milik saya nih. :)
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Top 12 Nada Sambung Pribadi Telkomsel

Ring ID
Judul Lagu
Nama Artis

0111633 Kehadiranmu Namb
0111933 11 Januari (XVII) Gigi
0111963 Menjaga Hati YOVIE dan NUNO
0112116 Ingat Kamu MAIA
0310674 Aku Dan Dirimu Ari Lasso Dan Bunga Citra Lestari
0313000 Kucinta Kau Apa Adanya Once
0711117 Belahan Jiwa ADA Band
0719026 Sebelum Cahaya Letto
0719029 Permintaan Hati Letto
1110225 Cinta Dalam Hati Ungu
1110237 AYAT AYAT CINTA Rossa
5510111 Tak Selamanya Selingkuh itu Indah (TSSII) Merpati Band

That is the top 12 of the month from NSP Telkomsel, all of these back ringtone songs are supposed to be the best music back tone of the month.
Every month we will supply top 12 list, the best music for your phone.
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Top 10 Kode Lagu i Ring Punya Indosat

1. Menjaga Hati Yovie & Nuno 060778099
2. Ayat-Ayat Cinta Rossa 060780099
3. Permintaan Hati Letto 060641499
4. Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy (Reff 2) Mulan Jameela 060785499
5. Cinta Dalam Hati Ungu 060619599
6. Munajat Cinta The Rock 060667499
7. Kucinta Kau Apa Adanya Once 060715699
8. Aku dan Dirimu Ari Lasso & BCL 060768199
9. Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy (Reff 1) Mulan Jameela 060785599
10. 11 januari GIGI 060681699

That is the top 10 of the month from i Ring Indosat, all of these back ringtone songs are supposed to be the best music of the month.
Every month we will supply top 10 list, the best music for your phone.

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X1 Windows Phone - Sony Ericsson Xperia

Sony Ericsson has unveiled the first in its Xperia family of phones, the X1, which is also its first phone based on Windows Mobile.

The X1, following hot on the heels of the new Nokia N96, is meant to herald Sony Ericsson’s solution for the “converged mobile experience”, which means it has lots of features and won’t be cheap. It’s an ‘arc-slider’ phone concealing a full QWERTY keyboard and sports a 3in touchscreen display with a good 800 x 480 resolution. Some might grumble over the display’s ability to only support 65K colours and that the camera is only 3.2MP, especially with rivals now cramming 5MP cameras into their newer models.

Customising your ‘experience’ is all the rage now so there’s 9 desktop layouts to choose from and they can be laid out in whatever fashion suits you. There’s support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity as well as Assisted GPS (aGPS) for location-tagging your snaps. There’s a micro-USB port and inside is 400Mb of memory with, thankfully, a micro-SD slot for adding some decent storage space.

The X1 measures 110 x 53 x 16.7mm and weighs in at 145g
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